“OMG- Let me tell you, Orlando DJ Group over delivered for my 300 person corporate event. I told the planner, Justin, my concept and what I envisioned and he made it happen. Not only supply 3 different rooms of music he also offered his MC Services, lighting, photo-booth w step and repeat w an amazing attendant, and once the sun set made sure to arrange lighting to perfection. He also setup a projection lighting that was amazing- my guests thought it was a nice added touch. I highly recommend Orlando DJ Group and their services. Thanks again!! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.” – Classic Mazda

Important: Please Read

Turn Tables

All of our DJs use Pioneer controllers or Technics 1200 turn tables. Although we push buttons, we aren’t button pushers. We MIX our music using the best parts of every song. Please don’t hire a DJ that plays a playlist for your event (trust us, they exist). Turn tables are meant for creatively mixing music, not playing  full songs using a software that blends them in the last few seconds. You can’t keep the energy levels up when a 5 minute song fades out into the next. That’s why you book an experienced DJ, not bring your home iPod.

This is also why it is extremely important to interview the DJ who will ACTUALLY be DJing your event, not just going off company reviews. Ask them questions like how many years have you been DJing, how many events a week do you do, what software do you use, do you beat match/ cut up/ actively mix?

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies should be heard! A lot of weddings in Orlando are outdoors. We use a separate 15 inch ElectroVoice powered speaker paired with a Shure PGXD4 wireless, hands-free lapel microphone. Need a wireless hand held for readings? Just ask! We will add for no charge.

We can play any customized music you select using our Wedding paperwork. All ceremony music starts 30 minutes prior to ceremony start time for guest seating. Quality equipment equals a quality experience.

Wedding Ceremony Orlando DJ Group -350

Cocktail Hour

The Cocktail Hour for a wedding has a solid purpose. It was created to give the guests an enjoyable way to kill time and mingle as you and your wedding party take important pictures to hang above the fireplace, or wherever. Our Cocktail Hour set up is fully effective, while taking up minimal space. We go over and choose a custom mix, import it onto our iPod, and plug directly into the back of our 12 or 15 inch ElectroVoice powered speaker. Minimal space, maximum sound, plenty of room to mingle while enjoying some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Cocktail Hour Orlando DJ Group-350

Standard DJ set up

Our DJ set up is clean, custom and state of the art. We currently run the following set up:

  • Dual 15 inch ElectroVoice EKX 1500 watt – powered speakers
  • Yamaha mixing board
  • Shure PG58 wireless hand-held microphone
  • Pioneer CDJ’s or DDJ-SZ2 Controller
  • Chauvet Gig Bar – dance lighting system
  • All sheltered by a custom DJ facade, hiding all cables

Small enough to fit in any corner, clean enough for the highest of venues.

wedding dj orlando

Photo Booth!!

Yep, we have 4!

Photobooths are by far the most fun upgrade to any wedding, party or event. We have 4 open-air Photobooths allowing for large amounts of people, and custom backdrops.

Out booths use DSLR cameras, Alien Bee lighting and Studio-Quality DNP printers – providing the a TOP photobooth print. We will send you proofs, just ask!

Check the box for a quote on our submission page.

For more info, visit our Orlando Photobooth website today  –> Orlando Photobooth Company.


Uplighting for a wedding reception can make or break a room. For the value, it is one of the most cost effective ways to make an eye-opening first impression to your reception hall. Custom uplighting can be any color, and all of our units are wireless and programmable  uplights. No wires, no hot par cans (children pick these up), programmable LEDs to achieve any color. Whether you are matching the decor of the room, or your personal wedding colors, these uplights really do make a huge difference and we highly recommend them for any occasion.

Market Lighting. Used both indoor and outdoor 

Market lighting is stunning! I’ts both functional and decorative. Visually, it’s everything you want. At the same time, it will illuminate your space so you can party all night long! We charge by the foot, and have plenty available for you! Whether it be an outdoor wedding or backyard jam, please ask about this beautiful addition to any event in Orlando.

Ask for pictures or video of it at night, happy to send!!

Orlando Wedding DJ Market lighting

Cake Pin Spot – Already Included in Base Package!! 

Pin Spots are a feature that are becoming more more popular over the recent years. With the new LED technology, they are extremely convenient, effective and virtually hidden. The Chauvet Wireless Pin Spots we use are battery powered LED lights that can attach to a fixture via clamp, magnetic base or zip ties. Typically used for cake lighting, these small fixtures can be used to illuminate virtually anything. From table center pieces, to memory tables, to guest books and seating charts. Not only can they emit a white light to highlight nearly anything, they also have gel covers allowing you to change to up to six different colors.

Thanks for the photo Jammin Swing Photography!

Orlando wedding dj - cake pin spot

Additional Pinspotting


These wireless, multi-colored pin spots can be used in ANY application you see fit. We have 6 in house, and access to more. Light up memory tables, guest book, the best man, whatever you want!

Check out  how they illuminated these flowers at the Orlando Science Center!

Orlando Wedding DJ Pinspotting

Custom Monogram

A custom Monogram is a great addition to any wedding or event. You are able to customize these however you see fit. Steel inserts, as shown here, are a great and cost effective way to add initials to the wall or dance floor. Personalizing YOUR night! You can even order glass inserts for more elaborate text or even images. Each insert must be ordered before hand as they are all custom, so inform or ask questions early.

Monogram Orlando DJ Group

50 inch LG Smart TV with Wi-Fi

These TVs are a fun way to show off your youth and coming together. Also great for branding and product showcase. We currently have 2 of these LG Smart TVs, which are wi-fi enabled. The stands are on lockable wheels, allowing for easy transport.

For a wedding, it makes for a great picture slide show. Showing off both of you growing up, and together until this big day. Awesome addition for a cocktail hour (place by the bar), or reception during dinner. Because they are on wheels, we can push it out onto the dance floor, and remove when done. All you need is a flash drive with the pictures! We have even had clients use this to play those ever important football games.

For events, we typically rent these out to display products, menu templates, and branding. The Convention Center is huge, let your product stand out with crystal clear, 50 inch TVs, that can be placed both horizontally or vertically; depending on your need.

Check out this application where the bride had a custom video made that we were able to show! Thanks for the photo Cricket’s Photography!

Orlando TV Rental

Checkered Dance Floor – up to 21×21 feet

No better floor than a dance floor! Let us checker up your next dance party!

Orlando Wedding DJ Dance floor

Big Time Sound!

If we have enough sound for a 1,000 person prom, we can really beef up your next event!

18 inch ElectroVoice ETX Subwoofers

15 inch ElectroVoice EKX tops

If you have over 150 guests inside, or 100 guests outside, we always recommend more power! Shout out to Tim “the toolman” Taylor! If your event takes place over a large space, we may need to supplement the sound so its not loud in some areas and quite in others. Let us know your head count today and properly match the event with sound.

Below you will see demonstrations of the lighting we use for the dance floor.

Typical DJ set up

6 LED Uplights

Chauvet Gig Bar

Typical DJ set up

6 LED Uplights

Chauvet Gig Bar

Truss w/ Intimidator Spot LED 250s

The above information is what we personally use to DJ any Wedding in Orlando. However, all the above equipment can be an Orlando based Speaker and Uplighting Rental. We have multiple Electro Voice speakers, wireless uplights and 4 Photobooths. Our Dance Floor lighting is made up of a custom build truss made of polished aluminum, 4 total Uplights and 2 Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 250 moveable-head tops. We also have a secondary Chauvet Gig Bar for dance floor lighting. Feel free to contact us any time if you would like to get pricing for our uplighting, custom lighting and speaker rentals.